• Board Of Directors

    Board Of Directors

    • Sidikie Musa Bility

      Sidikie Musa Bility

      • Jairus Barclay

        Jairus Barclay

        General Manager
        • Aswathy Baiju

          Aswathy Baiju

          Assistant CFO
        • Ajesh T. Murali

          Ajesh T. Murali

          Chief Financial Officer
          • Paul Rennie

            Paul Rennie

            Project Manager
          • Aaron C. Korboi

            Aaron C. Korboi

            Office Manager
            • Compliance


        • Rodney Peabody

          Rodney Peabody

          • Ansu Talawaly

            Ansu Talawaly

            Sales Manager
Company Overview

Green Petroleum (Liberia) Ltd is a Sole Proprietor company licensed to import/distribute/wholesale petroleum products.
The Company was formed in 2017 to take advantage of opportunities presented by the economic transformation and the government agenda to support Liberian owned businesses.
Green Petroleum is a vibrant and growing business, servicing its existing customers efficiently and ready to expand its customer base. With the help of it major supplier, the Company is confident in its ability to provide superior quality service delivery of all its services to its customers.
Through offering superior quality services, extensive strategic partnership, competency and key industry relationships, Green Petroleum is well-positioned to offer its customers innovative fuel supply solutions.